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A-Level Economics in one yearOxford International AQA Examinations

Do you want to increase your chance of gaining the highest possible grade in A-Level Economics?
Do you want to be able to revise the trickiest A-Level Economics topics?
Do you want to improve your ability to write high-quality answers in your exams?
Do you want to be able to ask your teacher to go over topics you find difficult?
Would you like to have a teacher who gives you practice A-Level Economics questions and who gives you personalised feedback on how to improve your exam skills?
Do you want to be able to participate in lessons where you will be able to ask questions, work with other students, and be taught live by a well-trained A-Level Economics teacher?
Do you want a highly qualified, very experienced, and friendly teacher with an expert knowledge of A-Level Economics?
If your answer to the above questions is yes, this is the course for you.

Learning outcomes

The aim of this course is to enable you to gain the highest possible grade in A-Level Economics.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anybody sitting an A-Level Economics exam and who wants to be taught by a high-calibre Economics teacher with many years of experience.

Course structure

You will learn with your teacher and other students through live online lessons. You will access the live lesson via Zoom. Your teacher will email you all the information you need to successfully enter the ‘classroom’.
This is an intense course and there will be a requirement for you to complete at least four hours a week of private study. Your teacher will give you directions on what you need to do each week but it will include:
  • Reading over class materials you will have been given before the lesson and preparing questions on areas you don’t understand
  • Making revision notes based on the information given in each lesson
  • Completing all the homework given to the best of your ability

Course duration

This is an intense course: all the material that would normally be studied over the course of two academic years in a school or college setting will be delivered within one academic year. The course breaks down as follows:
  • Two lessons each week, with each lesson lasting two hours (with a short break after one hour), i.e. a total teaching time of four hours a week.
  • The course dates will be similar to a UK school/college academic year and will include holiday breaks.

Practical details

You will access the live lesson via Zoom. Your teacher will email you all the information you need to successfully enter the ‘classroom’.

Class size

A maximum of 20 students.

What is the course content?

This course will teach you the specification content for Oxford International AQA Examinations: AS- and A-Level Economics. This specification covers the following areas:
  1. The operation of markets, market failure and the role of government.
  2. The national economy in a global environment.
  3. The economics of business behaviour and the distribution of income.
  4. Economic development and the global economy.
  5. Quantitative skills.
The specification we will follow is available here: https://cf.oxfordaqaexams.org.uk/oaqaresources/specifications/oxfordaqa-international-as-and-a-level-economics-specification.pdf

How will I be tested?

The teacher will give you at least one piece of assessed homework each week.
You will have the opportunity to answer past AS- and A-Level questions and these will be assessed and individual feedback will be given by a current and very experienced A-Level Economics teacher.
There will be end-of-unit tests and two mock exams. These will be marked by your teacher and personalised feedback will be given to help you improve.

Your teachers

The course will be taught by a highly qualified teacher who has many years of experience teaching A-Level Economics, both live and online.

Extra/individual support

It will be possible to receive one-to-one or small group (no more than five students) support from an A-Level Economics teacher.
If you would like extra one-to-one or small group sessions please click on the ‘Contact us’ link below with an outline of your requirements and we will get back to you.  Thank you.
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Start Date

This course will begin September 2022, to register your interest in this course please fill out the form below

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